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rebcake in still_grrr

229 Fic: Battle's End

Title: Battle's End
Author: Rebcake
Rating: PG13 (for a single naughty word)
Word Count: 190
Prompt: 229 — Favorite Male Character
Characters: Spike, Nikki Wood
Summary: Nikki fights Spike to a standstill — and a deal is struck.

The vampire's head was lolling against the floor, the point of her stake digging into the flesh over his heart. If she could just muster the strength to press down, she could finally finish this.

Three days they'd been at it, battling all over the city, from Harlem to Chelsea, from the crowds in Times Square to this deserted subway car. Nikki was spent. Her only consolation was that the monster was, too.

The train jolted around a bend. She toppled sideways and lay sprawled on her back, unable to move. She stared at the flickering florescent light above her until the vampire spoke.


She slid her eyes in his direction. He was gingerly probing his jaw, but otherwise hadn't moved.

"You slayer bints are really something, you know? Just wanted to ask a simple question, but no. You've got to get all stake-happy. A bloke can't even get a word in," he complained.

"Yeah? Well, I've got something I wanna ask you too, vampire."

They turned their heads and looked into each other's exhausted faces. Eyes narrowed, they nodded warily.

"Where'd you get your coat?"

"Who does your hair?"


A/N: Go check out snickfic's Crackficathon! Fun prompts aplenty! Silliness galore!


They are both such fashionistas, right? Glad to get a laugh!
Hee! I can totally see this! :)
It's a fight among equals for stylistic supremacy! I can totally see them going on to being best of frenemies. *nods*
TOTES! 'Cos awesome as Nikki was, how much more awesome would she be with a platinum 'fro? *wants art, now* Thanks for commenting!
¡Yay! Thanks. Have fun this weekend! Lucky.
Both questions are so important!!
Oh! That is awesome!!
Hee! You just know they have a mutual admiration society going, right?

Whoever it was, he should have kept them around. Mmmm Punk!Spike!

Oh my. Yasss...

Now I can't stop thinking about them trading fashion tips and giggling over kung fu and blaxploitation movies until Drusilla drags him off to Berlin to put an end to this nonsense!
<3 Now *I* can't stop thinking about them giggling over blaxploitation movies... no doubt watching them together in a ratty apartment on a flickering little set. :)
Naw. (No VCRs back then, and I don't remember TV showing a lot of B-movies that weren't at least 20 years old. I wasn't in a UHF area, though, so choices were limited. Maybe it was different in NYC?) They'd have to go to some crummy, sticky-floored theatre in a bad neighborhood, hooting and throwing popcorn at the screen along with the crowd. She slays a couple of vamps on the way out, and he laughs his arse off.

Then they'd go for coffee in a ratty diner and he'd tell her her press-ons are tacky and that she should do her nails in silver to match her new hair. He'd catch her up on that day's episode of The Edge of Night before she went out to slay. They'd make plans to meet up at Max's Kansas City later — if she has a good night.

Heh. They have so much in common! Thanks for the chortle!
Inquiring minds want to know.......
Mmmmmmm. She may be a Slayer, but she's not blind to a good look!
Hah. Awesome.
Thanks! I am so in love with the idea of these two swapping style tips. Why fight it, kids? You're BOTH pretty!
Awesome! I love it! <3
Aw. Thanks, sweetie!
Welcome! :huggles:
ROFL - just saw this on a rec. Not sure how I missed it before, but it's awesome. :)
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