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S4, Buffy desert, ep restless

snickfic in still_grrr

222 Fic: New Lessons

Title: New Lessons
Author: snickfic
Rating: G
Word Count: 100
Prompt: 222 Minor Characters of BtVS
Character: Kendra
Summary: Kendra didn't say much while she was in Sunnydale, but that didn't mean she wasn't paying attention.


When Kendra was home on the island again, Mr. Zabuto asked her about the mission: about Angelus (she said he was not yet dead); about Mr. Giles and his library (there, at least, she could tell the whole truth); about the Taraka.

He didn’t ask whether Kendra was ever angry, or if the anger helped her in battle. He didn’t ask if she liked the boy she met. He asked about Buffy’s training, but not about her friends; if she focused, but not if she smiled. He didn’t ask what Kendra had learned from her.

And Kendra didn’t tell him.


Poor Kendra! She'd just started to see some little bit of life!
She really did get a bum deal all the way around, poor thing.
And at some point she'll fly to Sunnydale and have a little life!! It'd be great to read that happening *whistle* just saying ;-)
I think that would definitely be an AU scenario, wouldn't it? But I agree, it would be fabulous to see.
Lovely look at what was Kendra's life. Too bad it ended before she had a chance to learn more.
She's such a tragic character. I always wish we got to see more of her and that she got to see more of life before it was all over.
Thank you! Kendra's a character I wish we could have gotten more of, alas.
Cordy Grrr

January 2017



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