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Angel - Hero

chorelle in still_grrr

Prompt 221: Minor Characters from AtS

Title: One Shot Characters That Deserved More
Author: chorelle or chorelle on tumblr
Rating: PG
Prompt: 221: Minor Characters from AtS
Characters/Pairing: Most loved one-shot characters from AtS
A/N: Created for the AtS tumblr Angel Investigations for the One Shot Characters Week

Bethany Chaulk


James & Elisabeth


Anne Steele


Slushie Demon

Harriett ‘Harry’ Doyle

The Furies

Note: Please do not repost these to tumblr. Reblog by clicking the name of the character/s you like. Thank you, and comments are loved!


The Slushie Demon! OMG! I don't even remember where he/she/it pops up, but that is one fabulous GIF!

Dana and Penn were such amazing characters. Well, Jeremy Renner hasn't exactly been slacking in his other roles since then, either. The Harry one makes me remember I've got a fic I want her to be in...ack!

Great job!

I'll ask you, since it's a thing...got any Skip?
Haha yeah the slushie demon is from TOGOM. Poor thing.

I definitely though Dana had SO MUCH potential, and Penn was great, and should have definitely been brought up more than once. Now Jeremy Renner is a bit of a hot shot in Hollywood, but I still think of him in AtS of course!

Well Skip is a bit of touchy subject for me (Avid Cordy fan over here!) but it's possible I'll make art for him in the future, he was just in a few to many episodes to make the cut for this particular theme, I mean Anne was kinda pushing it too... oh well!

And thanks! Sorry about the long winded response!
Well, at least I gave Dana a bit more exposure!
These are wonderful! Some characters I always think of as important one-shots, like Penn and Bethany, but others who just slip out of my brain and here they all are together!

Also: Numfar joy!
Thank you! I tried to remember as many as possible, and hopefully I've given them justice. And yes Numfar must do the dance of joy at all times!
numfar and dana and the furies

you made my freakin' day!
I'm so glad! They are all fantastic aren't they.
Hmm, I'm not sure if Anne counts as a one-shot character. She did have two Buffy appearances and a smattering of appearances throughout the rest of AtS. But I agree on the others. I'd have loved to get more flashbacks of James and Elizabeth and Penn. And the SLUSHIE demon.

Maybe Dana will show up eventually in the comics. /hopes.
Yeah I know, but for the theme I said up to 3 episodes, which was all she was in on AtS. Probably one shot characters wasn't exactly the right term to use lol.
Mmm fair enough. She certainly is cool, though, so hey.
Aww thank you so much! I just want AtS to have ALL the love, because I honestly think it is better than BtVS (though I still jadore Buffy don't get me wrong) but AtS can never shake the 'spinoff' tag, and it deserves so much better. I'm so glad you enjoyed the theme week, and if you or anyone else has other suggestions for me I'd love to hear them!
That's a great idea! I probably won't do it every Friday, as I have a lot of assignments coming at me lately, but I could see character appreciation every so often! Thanks for the idea =D
Oh, they're lovely! I especially like the Dana one, and Numfar and The furies!
Thank you! I'm glad you like, and thanks for commenting =D
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