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rebcake in still_grrr

157 Fic: The Gay Agenda (or, Happy Anniversary)

Title: The Gay Agenda (or, Happy Anniversary)
Author: Rebcake
Rating: PG
Word Count: 625
Prompt: 157: LoveFest (slash pairings)
Pairing: D’Hoffryn/Skip
Summary: Even the big boss enjoys the comforts of home and hearth.
Warnings: Fluffy and domestic. The only reason they don’t shop for curtains in this is because I’m not sure they have windows in Arashmahar.

D’Hoffryn walked in the door, toed off his shoes, tossed his keys in the bowl on the hall table, and sorted through the mail. There was a scroll for the Arashmahar Retirement Home Gala Feast, a couple of credit talisman come-ons, and his December issue of Demonico Delicto. Hmm. Vin Diesel made a striking cover model. As always, it was clear he’d been working out.

He could hear Skip humming in the kitchen, from which emanated a marvelous odor. He followed his nose and stuck his head into the doorway. “Hello, handsome! What’s cookin’?” He was rewarded with a brilliant smile and a glass of chilled bile was pressed into his hand.

“That’s for you to find out.” Skip firmly placed a lid on a steaming pot, and lowered the burner flame.

“Smells a little like my favorite. Could it be a special occasion?” D’Hoffryn eased further into the room.

“Could be.” Skip picked up his own glass and steered the both of them into the living room and onto the couch. Soft wailing was playing in the background and the torches were turned down low. D’Hoffryn noticed a very nice arrangement of herbs and antlers on the dining table. Good. His staff had managed a simple delivery, at least.

“How was your day?” asked Skip, rubbing the base of D’Hoffryn’s left forehorn.

D’Hoffryn sighed, partially in contentment, and partially to expel the stresses of the day.

“A little of this, a little of that. We almost snagged a very promising new recruit, so that was an upside. She needs a little more time to develop, but she might even come to make up for losing Anyanka. It seems they are acquainted. Perhaps I can send Anyanka a finder’s fee when Ms. Rosenberg signs. I don’t like to see her struggling like this, except from a professional standpoint, of course.”

“I know you miss her,” soothed Skip.” Hell, even I miss hearing about her exploits. It’s a damned shame.” They each took a sip of their bile, taking a moment to remember a fallen comrade.

“Other than that, today was the usual hassle,” continued D’Hoffryn. “Heads will have to roll before the sales department ever gets back into shape. I’m surrounded by gold-bricking imps with no long view. You are lucky to be out of Justice proper and into Corrections, darling.”

Skip smiled. “Well, it’s peaceful, but if I have to read another 35-year-old copy of Highlights for Children, I’m going to start thinking that the Justice is on me!”

D’Hoffryn made a mental note to have a subscription allotment added to the prison budget.

“How’s the novel coming?” he asked, gently stroking Skip’s chin ring with one talon while gazing into his scarlet eyes.

“Not bad. The second draft is going pretty smoothly, though I realized I’m going to have to rearrange the entire section about the mother and the llama ranch.”

“But I loved that part!”

“That’s because you are blinded by affection for the author,” teased Skip.

“Hmmpf. I think I am perfectly objective about your work.”

“I think you are perfectly sweet. But your secret is safe with me.”

They clinked their glasses together.

“I’d better finish up dinner,” said Skip, He finished his drink and headed back to the kitchen.

“I still say you should’ve let me take you out,” said D’Hoffryn, watching him go.

“Nah. It’s a pain, dealing with all your fawning subjects. I wanted tonight to be for just the two of us.”

“Does that mean there won’t be any fawning?” whined D’Hoffryn with a mock pout.

“You’ll just have to wait and see. Here. Toss these tentacles. Make sure the dressing is coating everything evenly.”

“Slave driver.”

“Love you, too.”


A/N: Credit to rahirah , whose default icon inspired the title.


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I am trying not to grin too much, reading this at work and all, but I can't help it. This is too cute for words.
This is too cute for words.

But...it is words! Heh. I'm glad to give you a grin. I thought they were awfully sweet, so I'm happy that came across. Thanks for commenting!
I loved this!!

Terrific writing!
Terrific writing!

You flatterer, you! As I was getting this together, I thought, "People seem to like the dialog-heavy stories." Do you think that might be the secret? *shrugs*

Thanks so much for commenting (and complimenting)! I'm really pleased that you liked it!
Hee! So very much hee! Minor characters? Not when they inspire such backstory... Brava!
I dunno. It just seemed so...plausible. It's weird how these things spring, fully formed (almost), from the shambles of our brains. I must admit, this feeds my kink for the Addams Family-esque type of story where the normal is found within the extremely macabre. Just one of many reasons I love the Buffyverse.

Thanks for commenting, sweetie!

Edited at 2010-02-18 09:35 pm (UTC)
You know, this makes total sense. Plus, it's adorable.
this makes total sense

This pairing had never occurred to me before a day or two ago, and now I can't help but think: of course! It's probably because both of them appear to be so severe and intimidating, and then they break out with the avuncular and chatty. Of course, they are all of those things, and more.

¡Yay! I'm glad you enjoyed this! Thanks for commenting!
Awwwwwwwwww. So sweet. And I buy it completely.
I buy it completely

*flail* High praise, coming from one of the very few writers in the Skip oeuvre! I'm so excited to finally join the club!

Thanks for weighing in!
OMG Demon love! I'm smiling like a fool.
don’t like to see her struggling like this, except from a professional standpoint, of course.” Hee!
Tee! Well, he's the boss man for a reason! Still, we all know he has his soft side.

I wouldn't go so far as to say that demon love is the most special love of all, but it's still pretty swell!

Thanks for commenting!

That was hilarious!
I find your lack of faith in this pairing....disturbing. Hee!

I didn't set out to find the most obscure slash pairing in the fandom, but I might've succeeded anyway. (Now watch while the true holder of the title pops up with something even more bizarre.) I just thought they'd be kind of adorable together. And I still think so.
I followed the link from the su_heraldThey make such a cute couple!
Don't they? Who knew?

It's so nice of you to stop by and comment! Thanks for bringing the cookies!
Attention to detail made for a vivid and very entertaining domestic scene. Skip and D'Hoffryn are so happy and obviously in love that it makes me grin. Somehow, among asides like credit talisman come-ons and drinking bile before dinner, you made their conversation plausible. D'Hoffryn asking how the novel was coming along made me smile, but Skip's I realized I’m going to have to rearrange the entire section about the mother and the llama ranch made me laugh out loud.

These two sharing an intimate dinner for two with a very nice arrangement of herbs and antlers on the dining table makes me very, very happy. Great job with this one.
Thanks for the very detailed comments! You picked out lots of the little things that were so much fun to put in! It's encouraging when readers notice. (I struggled with the bile for a bit, but finally decided that since it was served cold, it was the right thing after all. Heh.)

I'm so happy it made you happy. That's what love is for!

Adorable. I love random pairings and this is just fun!
I somehow missed this comment, so sorry for the late reply!

I'm very pleased you had fun with this. It's about as random a pairing as I could imagine, except that once it sprang to mind, it seemed absolutely inevitable!
This was so, so cute! It left me with a big smile upon my face.
Heh. Not all love is of the angsty variety, after all! I'm glad you enjoyed it!
HAhahahah! Awesome! Thank you for sharing this!
Hee! Thankee kindly! What the world needs now is love, sweet love...
That was amazingly adorable.
Who'd have thunk it? Both characters are so charming on the show, in their incredibly scary way, that it just seemed inevitable.
Heee! D'Hoffryn/Skip for OTP! :) Wonderfully done!
I do think they are perfect together! Alas, when Skip allows his charge to escape in a year or two, it all goes to heck. *sniff* I just hope he's finished his book by then!
Now that was fun! How did I miss it first time round? Love the sheer demonic domesticity.
Fun: it's what we're here for! I'm so pleased you enjoyed it. They are rather sweet, aren't they?
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