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beer_good_foamy in still_grrr

156 drabble

Title: All Wrapped Up
Author: Beer Good (beer_good_foamy)
Rating: PG13
Prompt: 156 – het pairings
Fandom/timeline: Buffyverse, Wishverse
Word Count: 100
Pairing: Willow/Xander

All Wrapped Up

Willow does this high-pitched squeal when she's too happy for words. This time, she followed it with pouncing on Xander, wrapping her legs around his waist and kissing him hard. "How'd you know it's what I wanted?"

"Come on, Will, it's me." He slid his hands up her thighs to her ass, holding her up easily. "You always said you wanted a puppy..."

"I was eight," she beamed. "You remembered."

"...and your parents wouldn't get you one."

"Well, we showed'em." Then she glanced over at Angel, bound and gagged in his cell, and squeed again. "Wanna teach him some tricks?"


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I always feel so bad for Angel in that ep lol

nice work :)
Yeah, but poking a bit of fun at him never hurt... ;-) Thanks!
Whoa, plausible, and creepy as all heck - as this pairing should be. Bravo.
Thanks a lot!
Nice little might-have-been scene.
He's thoughtful like that. :-) Thanks!
Very, um, sweet? I like the way this plays on the "that's the demon that killed your friend" propaganda. Is there any difference, when the memories are the same? It's the same idea as Dollhouse, in a way. *goes off the reservation*

Not bored.
Thanks a lot! Glad that came across.
Ooooooh!!! OOOOOOH!!! I loike this a lot a lot a lot!!!

They're going to have so much naughty fun! Por Angelcakes ;)
Thank you!

Por Angelcakes

Well, on the other hand, we know there's probably a part of Angel who wants to suffer for his sins. And he will. :-) (Hmmmm... possible plot bunny...)
Terrific blend of horror and comedy.
Tremendous ending, though the sexual frankness is all Vamp!Willow from the start. Really creepy, in a good, good way.
Thanks a lot!
Mm, creepy, playful and clever. Liked it a lot!
Exhilarating :)
Thank you!
Great misdirection - I truly thought this was going to be cute. Which it is, for vampires, I guess...
I think it's cute. :-) Thanks!
Ah, so sweet of Xander!

(And that care bear icon is creepy as hell in this context... or maybe it's because I've seen the care bear sketch from Robot Chicken?)
LOL, cute little drabble. For some reason, these two are a more twisted version of Spike and Dru.
Thanks! I felt like doing something a bit twisted for this prompt, so it was either this or Spike/Dru (Angelus/Darla just doesn't work as well, for some reason).
YOU are a bad dog!
Late reply, sorry - but thanks! *wags evil tail*
This is a creepy and effective scene. Willow's Well, we showed'em gave me a chill. I bet they did.
Thanks a lot!

I bet they did.

Well, it's pretty much canon that vampires tend to do away with their families first... I always imagined that the first item on Vamp!Willow's agenda would be to turn Xander, and after that I'm pretty sure both sets of parents would need to stock up on garlic.
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