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beer_good_foamy in still_grrr

Free-for-all fic: Eagles

Title: Eagles
Author: Beer Good (beer_good_foamy)
Prompt: 155: The Lord of the Rings
Fandom: Dollhouse
Characters: Topher
Word Count: 363
Summary: An angle on a scene from "Epitaph Two" (so SPOILER warning).


As Topher makes it up the stairs, it almost feels like someone helps carry him. His precious machine, the one he kept in his head for so long, until it ate almost every coherent thought just to maintain it, weighs a ton and there's no elevator here anymore, just a long grueling walk up. Yet somehow it's the easiest walk he's ever made.

Not that he deserves help, he thinks as he starts setting up the machine, biting his finger nervously as he slides the ring that fastens the tripod into place. He knows that. He ended the world. He caused so much pain and death he can't even wrap his head around it. And let's face it, as heads go, his is a pretty big one. This isn't a heroic sacrifice – not that he's knocking the atonement angle, Arnie sinking in liquid steel, Spike burning up in the hellmouth, all that stuff makes for great stories. But that doesn't make it heroic. This was his fault to start with, and him dying doesn't really make any difference one way or the other.

When he switches it on, there's a couple of seconds where he could run. Make it at least down to the floor below. Or jump out the window and at least feel the breeze. But there's no way to live with it, and besides, some last remaining rational part of him points out, the problem was never the tech. The tech only does what you program it to do. And who programmed it, eh, who can build a new one, he thinks as he pushes the last buttons.

Then just before his device goes off, he sees the wall. The wall of photos. And he feels something lifting him, and the two thoughts come simultaneously.

Even Gollum may have something yet to do.

I'm glad you're here with me. Here at the end of all things.

He smiles at the pictures. They look so... "Huh." Precious.

In the split second before the blast hits him, it almost sounds like eagles' wings. He's carried on a shockwave of a million minds exploding. Then the flames of Mount Doom engulf him.


Damn you. You made me cry. A lot. I guess it's still a little raw here, less than a week out. I would have thought Dr. Manhattan was the way he'd go, but you've made me believe it this way.

Damn you.
Sorry about that. *hugs* But thanks. I could see him as Dr Manhattan, though I'm not sure... as I recall, he didn't exactly die with serene dignity, he was trapped and had no place to run. I've seen a lot of people online complain that Topher probably could have run (especially if he'd built in a longer "fuse"), so the question becomes: why didn't he even try?

Man, that was a pretty good finale. If very sad.
Excuse me, while I tear up for a moment.

Of course Topher would think of LOTR.

Of course you make this work beautifully.
Thanks a lot! *hanky*
Damn, you nailed that one. Bravo!
Thank you!
You so nailed it. I cried when I watched Epitaph Two, and now I cry again, reading your fic.

Oh, Topher...
Thanks! *hanky* His entire s2 arc really was one of the best things about Dollhouse, and that ending... *sniff*

Can I add this to the Strangely Literal list of stuff we love of yours and read it? :D
By all means! Thanks!
Hi there! Late to the party I know, but I just finished watching Dollhouse a few days ago, and I found a link here via BuffyverseTop5.

This snippet is so sad, and so perfect. I'm sniffly now.
Thanks a lot! Topher's ending really breaks my heart.
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