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007 icon and ficlet

my tenth icon:

and a ficlet:

Title: Five Steps to Falling in Love
Author: blueanddollsome
Rating: G
Word Count: 996
Prompt: 007, Free for all
Characters/Pairing (if any): Giles/Jenny


"Hi, my name is Jenny Calendar," she said, standing in front of the staff of Sunnydale High."I'm the new computer science teacher. And, uh, three things about me..." I'm a technopagan, and a "gypsy," and I was sent here to guard a vampire with a soul. "I like ice cream, long walks on the beach, and sappy romance movies." Her wry response was rewarded with a smattering of laughter from around the table.

Jenny sat down as the other new staff member took his turn.

"Rupert Giles, librarian," he said. Tall, sexy accent, and... Jenny took in his tweed suit, stripped tie, and glasses, and an incredible dork. "I'm from England, and I, uh, enjoy cross-referencing and, um, not sharing undue amounts of information about myself."

The new librarian smiled to himself as he sat down, as if he thought he was funny. And to be fair, there were some muffled giggles from the rest of the staff.

Jenny was not among those trying to hide her laughter from Principal Flutie.

What a snob.



So, she had to revise her opinion of Mr. Giles. He actually had some intelligent reasoning behind being so ridiculously old-fashioned. Which didn't make him any less ridiculous, but was kind of cute. He was plugged into the heavy supernatural vibe in Sunnydale -- unexpectedly cool. But he would disapprove of saying he was "plugged in" to anything. "On the same page," then. And, there were amusing ways to get under his skin beside annoying him. Like flirting.

"That's not where I dangle it."

Seeing the really-kinda-adorable expression of befuddlement cross Rupert's face, Jenny smiled to herself. Oh yeah. He so wants me.



They'd only been on one date. And that was just for a laugh. Jenny hadn't especially planned on going out with him again, but Rupert had been so thrilled to be with her, and so easily flustered, and how could she get enough of that? He was the best thing to happen to her ego in years. And, to give him credit, he was kinda fun, in his own, incredibly dorky way. But fun was all it was ever supposed to be.

It's hard to keep things fun when you're barricaded in a library, under a surprise attack from a gang of vampires, when he gets ideas about doing something stupid and heroic. Things got serious really fast. It was difficult to express to Rupert how she suddenly wanted to hold on to him and keep him with her, so she just said, "be careful."

Later that night, Jenny thought that Rupert had a point about it being dangerous to hang around with him. In more ways than one.



Jenny knew she'd been getting too involved. She'd come to Sunnydale to do a job, not to date, and not to fall - ... get attached to the highschool librarian. Of course it led to trouble. Jenny decided to focus on doing what she was sent to do, and to not think about how Angel saved her life, and to stay away from Rupert.

But then he made that difficult, hanging around, looking like a kicked puppy, eyes asking her to please get better so he won't have to feel guilty anymore. She didn't care if she wasn't being fair to him, it was his demon and he ought to feel guilty. Anyways, she had a job to do, and he'd only get in the way.

But then she saw Rupert's car on the way home one night, and she thought about how she shouldn't've gotten involved with him in the first place; she'd been leading him on from the start because she knew it would never work out. And then she'd been taking her frustration out on him, and it wouldn't hurt to be a little nicer to him, would it? So she parked her car and went looking for Rupert, planning to just apologize and then go home.

But then she shot him in the back with a crossbow. And he didn't seem to mind all that much, if it meant she was with him. And standing next to him, holding his arm, felt kinda right. And what was she, some feudal-era girl bowing to the whims of patriarchy? Jenny Calendar was liberated and independent, and would date whomever she wanted to, and didn't care about what her family told her to do. At that moment her mind was clear, and Jenny felt lighter that she had in months, so much so that she had to laugh.

But then, when she got home Jenny saw the letter from her uncle on her desk, waiting to be read and answered. A nagging guilt started to rise in her stomach, and a vague sense that she would pay for her decision. It got worse as she tried to fall asleep, and was still there the next morning. As she went to the library to see how Rupert was doing, Jenny couldn't help but feel she was making a mistake.

But then he was kissing her, so she didn't care.



Jenny had planned what she'd tell him. Telling him she loved him wasn't the plan. "Falling in love" was a cliche, that just gave you big, romantic expectations that would always be disappointed, Jenny knew. She thought she'd been in love before, and it was nothing like her relationship with Rupert. There wasn't supposed to be anything round-about or reluctant about falling in love. But in that moment, it was very clear to Jenny that she was in love.

Of course Jenny regretted saying it immediately. She'd never felt so exposed and vulnerable in her life. But he didn't throw it in her face; he was careful. It struck her that letting herself be vulnerable to someone else is what being in love means; and after she'd been so guarded for so long, he could -- if she was very, very lucky -- make it easy to let down her defences. So she didn't take it back.



Aww this was really sweet and nice and a great look at their relationship.
This is a really beautiful look behind the scenes at this relationship, which was over far too soon. You really have Jenny's wry voice down. Well done.
Thanks muchly! Jenny's voice is one I actually have quite a bit of trouble with (surprisingly, as I write her a lot); I often find she starts sounding too much like Buffy, so I have to go back and change things. I'm glad you think I have her down.
Thank you :)
"Rupert Giles, librarian," he said. Tall, sexy accent, and... Jenny took in his tweed suit, stripped tie, and glasses, and an incredible dork. "I'm from England, and I, uh, enjoy cross-referencing and, um, not sharing undue amounts of information about myself."

Hehe, that is so fantastically, perfectly Giles.

Very nice job on this. :)
Glad you like. :)
Beautiful icon. I love the coloring.

#1 - "I'm from England, and I, uh, enjoy cross-referencing and, um, not sharing undue amounts of information about myself." Hehe, so Giles. I love that you have Giles and Jenny getting off on the wrong foot with her thinking him to be a complete snob.

#2 - "Plugged in" versus "on the same page." You so have Giles nailed and Jenny's voice to a T.

#3 - I love your description here of Jenny feeling flattered, feeling attracted to Giles, but still trying to remain distant and keep things fun.

#4 - Great development of Jenny's conflicted feelings over her relationship with Giles and her sense of duty to her family and the job she was sent to Sunnydale to perform.

#5 - Great ending to this series of ficlets. These were all fantastic.
I love that icon, because the screencap was so dark, but then I turned down the shadows, and it was like, wow! colour!

Giles and Jenny starting off on the wrong foot is part of the fun of the ship. :)

The thing with Jenny is that once find out about her "mission", it can really change the context of the earlier season 2 episodes, which is interesting.

Thanks for the feedback!
I really like the icon. You folks that can do that stuff just impress the hell out of me. And I really enjoyed reading their relationship evolve from before we even saw them on-screen together. Thank you!
You're welcome, and thanks! :D
That was great. I especially like Giles' line about "Not sharing undue amounts of information about myself." That made me *hee!*

Great character study.
Nothing about *what* made it great? ;-)
Great look at both Jenny and Giles, him from a different standpoint than usual. Of course, there's a tragic element to it, since we all know how this ends, but I especially liked the humor in the opening scene where they meet for the first time.
Thanks :)
One of the things I like about the pairing is that it really covered the relationship spectrum, going from fluffy romantic comedy to high tragedy.

comedy to tragedy

Just like the show itself!

Re: comedy to tragedy

Very nice glimpse of someone we don't always think about enough. Well done.
Thank you. :)
Awww...I am so glad that you decided to do a Giles/Jenny (or is it Jenny/Giles) piece for this prompt. I really love the Giles and Jenny voices in this. You have them both down so well. Can't tell you how much I heart this.
I hadn't done anything G/J for this comm yet, so it was about time. I'm glad you like it. :)
It makes you think of the what could have been if she hadn't died. Great job
It makes you think of the what could have been if she hadn't died.I've written fic about that too. :-)

This was beautiful. You've completely captured Jenny's voice. And I loved the scene where she hits him with the crossbow. I love your explanation for her seemingly random burst of laughter.

great job :)
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