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Cordy Grrr

xlivvielockex in still_grrr

Thems the Rules


This community was inspired by the wonderful communities of open_on_sunday and good__evil and we encourage all members to join those communities and to participate in them fully. However, we felt that with lives being so busy, we could all use some more time, even if it was just to work on 100 words. Also, we realize that not all of us are writers but felt that even icon makers need another place to show off their mad skillz.


Challenges and Voting

1. Challenges are issued on Thursday evening between 9-10pm PST unless an issue arises. Challenge will either be a character, a prompt, a first sentence, an episode, or even a piece of art. All submissions must be from either Buffy, Angel, Firefly, Dollhouse and/or Dr. Horrible. These include but are not limited to: television shows, movies, books, comics, published RPGs (the released games), video games, and other licensed merchandise.

2. Challenges end at 7:59pm PST on the following Thursday. Please make sure you note the time before you enter.

3. Voting will go up at the end of the month and last for an entire month. At this time, submissions will not be anonymous.

4. If you win an award for first, second, or third place, you can only win ONE award. That means if Kelly wins first place, she cannot win second or third. It goes to the next highest score.

5. Scores are done on a graduated point system. 3 points for every 1st place vote, 2 points for every second place vote, 1 point for every third place vote.

6. PLEASE DO NOT VOTE FOR YOURSELF! Please do not use sock journals to vote for yourself. Please do not pressure your friends to vote for you. Please vote for the best/most creative/most inspired response to the prompt. If you vote for yourself, use a sock journal to vote for yourself, or pressure your friends to vote for you, the votes will not be counted.

1. You can submit up to FIVE fics ranging from 100-2000 words per week.

2. All submissions must be posted within the community and tagged. Tagging instructions can be found here. No fake cuts to personal journals please. We encourage people to post to their own journals, obviously, but for the community, keep it here, please.

3. Participants must have a header as follows and the fiction needs to be under a cut.

5. Authors, please respond to any feedback left on your stories.

1. Participants in the icon category must conform to LJ standards of 100x100 and no more than 40kb.

2. Icons must be posted within the community. Any submissions over 3 icons must go behind a cut. Please put the prompt on your subject line. You can use the following, just copy/paste and replace URL with the URLs of your icons:

3. All icon kinds are allowed: textless, animated, blended, etc.

4. Participants can enter up to 5 icons within the one week time frame. Please post the URLs to the icon at the bottom of your post.

5. Artists, please respond to any feedback left on your icons.

6. Icons made from manips of your OWN creation are allowed. Please, if possible, include the larger manip for all to enjoy.

7. Caps will be provided but participants are encourage to find their own caps as well. We will mostly be taking them Screencap Paradise

1. Fanart includes but is not limited to: Wallpapers, blends, manips, ficpics, fanvideos, fanmixes, wall scolls, etc. Basically, anything that is not an icon. Participants may set their own standards.

2. Fanart must be posted within the community (no fake cuts to personal journals) and must be under a cut. Header (below) must be above the cut.

3. All fanart kinds are allowed: textless, animated, blended, etc.

4. Participants can enter up to 5 entries within the one week time frame.

5. Artists, please respond to any feedback left on your art.

6. Fanart over 500x500 must be thumbnailed and must lead to a larger version of the art.

7. Caps will be provided but participants are encourage to find their own caps as well. We will mostly be taking them Screencap Paradise.

8. Artists must use the following header for all art. ART MUST HAVE A TITLE. Even if it is something as simple as "Spike Manipulation".

9. Fanvideos are accepted. They must use the same header format and video must be under a cut. Video MUST BE an embedded file such as you would find on YouTube, GoogleVideo or MySpace Video. We won't take submissions that require people to download the video. They need to be viewable within the community and under a cut. You can put a download link at the bottom of the post, if you like but the video should be viewable in the post.

10. Fanmixes are accepted. They must use the same header format and all fanmix materials must be under a cut. Fanmixes should have at least a cover with a song listing and a zip file to download the songs. Because of copyright issues, ALL FANMIX POSTS MUST BE F-LOCKED! Cover and download information must be posted to the community, no fake cuts.

1. We do not, at this time, allow any incest pairings in fic/icons. These include by are not limited to: Simon/River, Buffy/Dawn/Joyce, Buffy/Dawn, Dawn/Joyce, Buffy/Joyce, Connor/Angel, Connor/Darla, Jasmine/Darla, Jasmine/Angel, Cordelia/Jasmine, Connor/Jasmine, etc. (Thank you to the Lie to Me Awards for the list!). Allusions to past incest such as parent/child molestation is a gray area so please comment here.

2. Non-consentual and rape depictions are not, at this time, allowed in submissions. Allusions to rape is a gray area so please comment here. Neither are depictions or allusions of sexual activities with persons under the age of 16. However, this shouldn't be an issue as...

3. Explicit (NC-17) fics/icons are not, at this time, allowed. Everything must be rated G-R. This goes for het and for slash submissions.

4. Crossover submissions are allowed as long as you stick to the prompt and that Buffy/Angel/Firefly/Dollhouse/Dr. Horrible is the focus.

5. Submissions do not have to be new. They just have to be written/created within one year of the challenge being issued. However, if your submission has been posted and voted on before at Still Grrr, it cannot be up for an award another time ie submissions must be new to Still Grrr for voting.

6. You can post stories over 2000 words, not up for voting, as long as they fit the rules and the prompt (so no NC-17, incest, etc. You know the rules). You cannot post more than 3 of these stories per prompt (we don't want to choke the community). No WIPs. No multi-chaptered fics. Have to use the same header for the community BUT, and this is a big but, the cut must go to your personal journal. A fake cut. In addition, because this comm is so active, mods reserve the right not to comment on these non-voting submissions. We want to give time to the people who have things posted in the comm and up for voting. It doesn't mean we don't like you, it just means we don't have time.

7. Please do not disable or delete comments. If someone leaves you a rude comment or flame, contact a mod right away. We can grab the IP, ban the user, and make sure they aren't welcomed here. Please don't disable comments. We tally comments for special awards as well as check them for outstanding support for awards. Also, directing someone to your personal journal, we feel, is not in the spirit of this community. We are very careful that personal stuff doesn't influence the voting and we can't do that on a personal journal, nor can we do anything if a flame or negative comment arises. Thanks for being understanding. We just want to keep the community just that, a community.

8. Please do not alter your posts dramatically once they have been approved without mod approval. Posts that have been dramatically altered may not be up for voting or added on elements may be disqualified. (Fixing LJ-cuts/typos/etc is encouraged and does not need mod approval.)

9. If you would like to affiliate, please either comment on the affiliate post or drop a line to jjsoapchat AT yahoo DOT com with "Grr Affiliate" in the subject. We will take anybody...no...really.


Yay, it's up and running! I'm so excited and I really like the layout. Now we just need to incorporate a pic of Cordy doing the still grr thing - that would make a good userpic. If I wasn't at school, I would so get right on that.

Anyway, superexicted about this!
I am just trying to catch up and make sure I reply to everyone. So here is your reply. Lalala. LOL
This looks like a lot of fun! I still haven't written any Jossverse fic, so a challenge might be just what I need!
Excellent! YAY! I am telling you, if it wasn't for challenges, I probably wouldn't get nearly as much fic written as I do. :)
Explicit (NC-17) fics/icons are not, at this time, allowed.

You realize, of course, that this means less Cluffy. :-(

Hehe. This is looking good! Great initiative!
Oh come on, you can write some sexy R-rated Cluffy, can't you? LOL

Thanks for joining. You know I love your stuff so I can't wait to see what you do. :)
You might wanna add simon/river to your list.... there's a whoooole community dedictaed to that pairing. (but seriously, if you watch Safe they have a case, there's lots of subtexty stuff going on. lol)
Thank you! I knew that I was forgetting something. I kept looking at it and wondering what it was.

Thank you again. :)
Makes sense to me! Can't wait to get the comm started and participate in some fan fiction :D
Just a little question: if I write something for this challenge, can I post it in other fiction comms right away, or should I wait until voting is over?

Thanks so much!
POST AWAY! Share, share, share. :)

It would be really cool (and help us get more traffic) if you could say like I wrote this for still_grrr but that is totally up to you.

We are here to inspire and to all share our love of the 'verses, so share away! :)


So forgive my niavity, but does that mean we can ONLY do current prompts # 12 per say? I guess I need a little more help than other people.

And thanks in advance for your help.

Re: Questions

Yes. For this week, you can only do prompt 12. Next week, will be only prompt 13. Etc.

During the free for all, if people want a special monthly prize, they can catch up on the prompts that they missed BUT ONLY FOR THAT month.

So for instance, if you missed prompt 13 and you want the special May award, you can do prompt 13 and prompt 15 during the week of prompt 15.

I hope that made sense. If not, just reply and I will try to explain it a little more clearly.
I have a question on the incest rule. I'm writing a fic where it is implied that a character was molested by their father. The sexual part is not described and it's milder than a lot of stuff on network TV, but it is implied incest. Would that be against the rules?

Let me get back to you on that after I talk to Sarah.

My gut instinct that is that if you aren't writing the nitty gritty about the molestation, for instance, if it was mention but not written in detail or if the character was having memories of it, it would be okay.

It is sort of a gray area so let me talk to Sarah about it to be totally sure. How much detail are you talking about? A passing mention like my dad molested me or is it the crux of the story?

With that rule, the intent was to avoid stories of say River having her first kiss with Simon, that sort of thing.
Not a bother at all. I am here to answer new questions.

The new rules are here. We modified the old rules post to make things a lot easier. So you don't have to worry. You follow these rules, that is perfect.

You can post as many entries a day as you like within in the five for each category. For multiple entries, it is usually a good thing if people do it in one post, just with seperate headers and cuts to keep things organized. For a good idea of how to do this, alwaysjbj did a submission a while back that was fabulous and can be found here. This helps not to clog flists so much.

We are on moderated submissions due to some issues we were having. We found it is easy to catch problems going in then when they have already been posted. Either Sarah and I usually gets them approved fairly quickly during the day/evening US time. Anything from 1am-8am US time, well, we do have to sleep. LOL
I know y'all have to sleep sometime, and I understand it's a crappy hour, but I just wanted to mention I've got two posts (a fanart and a short fic) for prompt 27 that aren't posting because the community says it's full and needs moderators to approve some entries first...

I don't want to miss the deadline, and I'm leaving in about five hours and won't have internet until after the deadline passes...
I am not sure what is going on with LJ. The only thing in the moderation queue was your one fic. I think it has to be a bug. I went ahead and approved it, everything was right, so hopefully it will let you submit again without giving you that weird error message before you have to leave.

That is just so strange. I know other comms that can have dozens upon dozens waiting for approval and it doesn't error.
Hi guys, quick question. You say Fic/Icons do not have to be new just within the year and not posted here before. What about fan art? I have some artwork that will fit with prompt 037 but it was done earlier this year.

Thought I'd check prior to posting. :)
Fanart done within a year of the posting of the prompt is totally fine. We only recently added fanart and I probably just didn't catch changing it everyplace. Sorry about that. :)

But yes, fanart done in the past year and not posted in the community before is always welcomed.
I'm sure the answer to my question is most likely in here, but I can't find it because I tend to be a tool about these things. I'm a long-time lurker, but I've never posted here. Am I allowed to enter the Free-For-All prompt (#37) if I've never before posted, or do I need to have entered one of the previous rounds first? Does this even make sense? *headdesk*

Sorry to bother you, but I wanted to ask before I did something lame. Um, lamer than asking this question. ;-) Thanks!
No lameness in your question. Always good to ask when you are not sure and there are a lot of rules to keep track of.

Please feel free to post a Free for all prompt. You don't need to have posted previously. Also if you want to get a participation banner for the month, you can post make up posts for the other prompts this month. They won't be up for voting, but if you do one for each of the October prompts you still get the banner. Make sure to label which prompt each entry is for though.

And feel free to ask more questions if any of this isn't clear. Usually when one person asks something, several other people were wondering the same thing but didn't ask.
What is the upper limit of a "ficlet" word count? Or, are we not making distinctions between drabbles, ficlets, and fics anymore? I just want my tags to be shipshape.
Cordy Grrr

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