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wereleopard58 in still_grrr

Prompt 001: Immortally Yours

Title Immortally Yours
Author Wereleopard58
Rating PG
Word Count 488
Prompt 001
Pairing Cordy/Methos
Note: This is a follow on to my alternate Immortal Beloved story where Cordy is an immortal

The man just sat there staring out as the snow fell to the ground; there was a slight chill to the air but nothing he couldn’t deal with.

“Are all the seasons the same when you’ve lived a long time?” The young brunette asked as she sat next to him, covering their legs with a large warm blanket.

“Well, you’ve been alive for 100 years so what do you think?” He asked, his eyes twinkling mischievously.

“Well, so far they have all seemed different to me but I’m not as old as you. Hell no one is as old as you.” She said with a laugh.

“Why, Miss Chase, should you be hanging around an old man?” He placed an arm around her shoulder and pulled her into his embrace. Her body went willingly.

“Well, Methos, it is a good thing I have a thing for older men. I think over 5000 years is a good age for a man. You never answered my question. It was a good attempt to change the topic but you really need to work on your subtlety.”

Methos couldn’t help laugh at the woman he had fallen in love with 80 years ago and his love had just grown deeper over time. “I love you with everything that I am but darling subtlety and tact have never been things that you are good at.”

She sniffed in annoyance but it lasted only a second before a beautiful smile spread across her face. “I know but tell me are all seasons the same.”

Methos kissed her temple as his mind went back to different times in his past. “No they are not. Every season is a new season. Your feelings at that time can be different; you can be in another country, with another person. You have to look at the whole world as something new. Otherwise, it would bore you.”

“Do I?” Cordy stared at him, her eyes full of fear.

“Do you what?” He asked, confused by her question.

“Do I bore you now?” Her voice trembled as she spoke.

“You have never bored me and never will. You look at life in a whole new way, but in all this time my love for you has grown stronger every single second. What about you, do I bore you?” Methos asked, staring at her intently.

“I love you more and more everyday, I could never get bored of you. I miss you when you aren’t around.” Cordy shook her head at the sappy things that left her mouth.
“Well, that is a good thing then. So, my love, to new seasons. May there be many more.”

Methos leant forward and kissed her softly on her mouth. He felt her arms wrap around his neck and pulled him into a deeper kiss. All the seasons he had spent with this brunette firecracker, so far this had been the best season of all.

The End


Always nice to see a crossover, especially since we are first starting out and all. :) Since I don't know much about Highlander or Methos, can't do much commenting. But it was sweet. Good job, babes.
This is very nice and I like how sappy sweet it is.
I like your writing style. I'm not sure who Methos is, but I like how you wrote Cordy in this story, and I like your style of writing as previously stated. Interesting! Makes me wanna know more about Cordy/methos.
Really sweet story. I really enjoyed this.
Make me drool why don't cha?

I like it.
I have now finished the re-write of what was called immortal beloved it was a cordy/angel story. But there were people who wanted it to be Cordy/Methos which I have now done.

But I am so glad that everyone liked it even though not many watched Highlander and knew of my fav character Methos
Cordy Grrr

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