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sl_podcast in still_grrr

Screaming Leaves....

Title: Screaming Leaves....
Author: Tabitha (sl_podcast)
Rating: G
Word Count: 100
Prompt: New Season (001)
Characters: Dru/Spike


"Seasons changing," Drusilla crooned to Ms. Edith. "Things dying, we like death." She was happy, fingertips stroking the doll's hair, eyes watching outside, and her body swaying to her inward music.

 “Spike?” The question brought his head up to see her. “Yes, my black hearted one?”

 “I can hear them.”

 “Hear what Dru?” Concern and curiosity mixed in her lover’s voice.

 “The leaves outside. They’re screaming.” Dru purred and whispered into Ms. Edith’s ear, “pretty, pretty screams.”

 Spike rolled his tongue under his lip, unsure how to answer. Thankfully Dru had moved on to her tea party leaving him alone.



Very good Dru voice there. She can be a tough one to write. I like what you did with the prompt too. Great job.
thanks! Glad you liked it. :)

I haven't written Dru yet... but I had a feeling I could get her voice down somewhat.. As one of my favorite bad girls I'm glad I did her justice.
Very nice, I can hear Spike and Dru talking.
I love this pair... and it probably shows... thanks for commenting. :)
Cute! I really liked the Dru voice...oh, she's one of the hard ones to capture, isn't she? And the way Spike reacted. Tee hee. Why oh WHY did they have to break up? *cries* I miss my Spike/Dru!!! Loved it!
I think I understand her more since I heard (someone in somesort of authority.. maybe joss or summer) talking about River... and how she isn't really crazy.. she just has a different view of the world.
Ooohhh and thanks for commenting!
Very Drusilla. Nice. :)
Thanks! :)
Such a great job with Dru. I could absolutely hear her voice in my head when I was reading this.
Awwwh thanks!
Very nice Dru voice.
Grinss thanks! :) I love your icon.
Amazing! I love Dru and you really did her justice. And believe me, I can be pretty picky. Just ask my sister, boy_named_susie. One thing that makes me love Dru even more is the fact that I can do a dead on impersonation of her and it freaks people out. I love freaking people out. Kudos to you and the amazing Dru-ness and Spikeness.
Thank you.. high praise is always appreciated. I am glad I did Dru justice. :)
Excellent Spru!
Thanks!!! :) You know how much I love you? SO much. :)
Oh this was fun. Spike and Dru are so very fun to play with
Oh yes.. and I even put them back when I was finished :)
Good voice, she is a hard one to get right. Good show.

Live in honor.

Blessed be.
Thanks! :)
hehe thanks!
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