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scarlettlily in still_grrr

Drabble- Groundhog Day

Title- Groundhog Day
Author- Scarlettlily
Rating- G
Word Count- 100
Prompt- New Season (001)
Pairing- None
Character- Giles, Buffy
A/N- I've never tagged before so sorry if they are wrong!

“So if the groundhog sees its shadow, we have to deal with six more weeks of winter? Oh come on I can’t wear my new sandals when it is 45!’

“Buffy I’m sure the world will survive if you cannot wear your new shoes yet. And this is not winter, this is a day for a brisk walk in the park.”

“Giles I know you’re missing the mother country but this is Southern California. Trust me, this is cold!”

They continued to watch to see what would happen when Punxsutawney Phil emerged. He looked, he saw, he ran. “Damn it.”


*Laughs* Love this. So cute and funny. Groundhog day is one of those bizarre holidays that you can't help but love. Also have to say that living in Ohio, we still wear flip-flops in 40 degree weather, so Buffy needs to toughen up!
Yay I am so glad you liked it. And I agree that Buffy needs to toughen up because I am from IL and wear flip flops all the time!
This was so cute but being from the UK the only thing I know about groundhog day is the film g
Well I had to go to Wikipedia for specifics but if you know the movie then you kind of get what I mean. Thanx for reading and commenting.
Very funny. It definitely gave me a chuckle to say the least. I could really see this scene happening because well, I have seen it happen. When it gets to be 60 here in AZ, people act like it is end of the world. Great take on the prompt too!
Oh I am so glad it made you laugh because I was snickering as I wrote it. And I know something like that would happen because people sometimes do not understand what cold is. Thank you so much!
Buffy, Buffy, Buffy! Always worried about your fashion ;-) Hehhe, this was great! Thanks for sharing!
Hehe thank you very much.
Very cute indeed! :)
Thanx for reading and commenting!
LOL - it's all relative, isn't it? Very cute.
It IS all relative. Thanks for reading!
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