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blueanddollsome in still_grrr

Ficlet: A Season in the Life

Title: A Season in the Life
Author: blueanddollsome
Rating: G
Word Count: 284
Prompt: New Season (001)
Pairing: None.
Characters: Cordelia
Notes: I’ve never actually written Cordy before, but she was the one who called to me for this prompt.

Cordelia always loved this time of year. The start of a new season was a unique, perfect kind of experience. There was the anticipation, waiting for the special, extra-thick issues of W and Vogue. There was the enjoyment of sitting down with the magazines, studying the runway photos, and imagining how hot she’d look in each of the new lines. The gratification of going to the LA boutiques to bring her wardrobe up to date, and finding that she looked just as hot in all the new outfits as she’d imagined (and this was on top of the regular joy of shopping). And finally, getting dressed, going out, and knowing – just knowing – that no one in Sunnydale even came close to matching the sophisticated gorgeousness of Cordelia Chase.

This year was different. Cordelia’s magazine subscriptions had been cancelled. She only got to see the new summer styles when they arrived, in off-the-rack form, at the shop where she worked. She still imagined how she would look wearing them, but that didn’t lead to gratification. Only a gentle, lingering bitterness as she watched other women wear Gucci like it came from the Gap, asking her if the outfit made them look fat.

Cordelia told herself it didn’t matter. Soon she would be free of Sunnydale, its indignities, its second- and third-rate fashionistas. Beauty and style didn’t mean much if it wasn’t accompanied by money, not with this small-town crowd. She’d be leaving for LA soon, this time to stay. She’d work hard, and be discovered, and, dammit, she would make it big. And not because she was Daddy’s little girl, but because she was Cordelia Chase, and this was a new season in her life.


Really enjoyed what you did with the prompt. Great insight into Cordy. I would have never guessed that you hadn't written her before.
Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed it. :)
I liked it, nice look into Cordy.
You really captured Cordelia's voice and her determined nature came through really well at the end.

"There was the anticipation, waiting for the special, extra-thick issues of W and Vogue." I'm not that into fashion but some how you made me care about it.
Thank you!

I'm glad you think I captured her voice; personally I didn't think her voice was strong enough, but then again it's in third-person so it doesn't have to be as strong as if it was actually Cordelia speaking. The daunting thing about writing Cordy is that I lack the pop-culture repetoir that she makes use of so often.

My younger sister is very much into fashion, so I've been spending some time trying to figure out what's so appealing about it. :)
I love this because no matter what happens whether big or small Cordy is a survivor
That she is! Thanks :)
This was really great. You got Cordelia's voice spot on. You should write her more often. I love what you did with the prompt though. A totally different take and spun it on its ear. Fantastic.
Thanks! Cordelia's a great character. I am planning on using her in a longer fic... but that one won't be written for a while.

At first I considered posting another ficlet I had written, but decided that that one was lame and cheesy and to do something entirely different.

Glad you like it! :)
For not writing Cordy much, you did a great job! Very Btvs Cordy, but it's great. I can hear the bitterness in her voice. Nice twist on the seasons.

BtVS and early Ats Cordy is my favourite. :)
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