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A2A:  Gene/Alex unbreakable

boy_named_susie in still_grrr

Let's get the ball rolling!

Title: Old Age
Author: boy_named_susie
Rating: PG
Word Count: 200
Prompt: New Season (001)
Pairing: None
Characters: Giles, Buffy
Notes: This was inspired by the images from the upcoming season 8 comics. Not eligible for voting.

“Giles, I am *so* old,” Buffy moaned as she threw herself onto the chair next to her watcher.

Giles peered at her over his glasses with skepticism. “Yes, I can see that old age has you firmly in its grasp.”

“Okay, so I’m not as old as you…”

“At least you have that small comfort.”

“… but I am *old.* Do you know what I *said* today? Some of the girls were playing around with those new sun ray gun thingies, you know, the ones that look like a prop out of Blade. And I kinda snapped because they weren’t paying attention. I told them, ‘Back in my day, we used to kill vampires with *just* wooden stakes. We didn’t have all these high tech gadgets you’re all so dependent upon, nor did we have the capability to swoop in from the sky and launch surprise attacks. Just stakes and an occasional sword or ax, that’s it.’ You should have seen their faces.”

Giles laughed.

“Giles, it’s not funny.”

“I’m sorry, Buffy,” he responded, trying to look sufficiently contrite. “It’s just now I understand why all the girls were calling you Grandma Buffy when they returned from the mission tonight.”


“At least you have that small comfort.” *grins* Poor Buffy, everyone fears the day they'll start sentences with "In my day..." I like the BtVS twist on it.
Thanks! I'm only 25 and I already find myself saying "I remember when..." although I haven't caught myself saying "In my day..." yet, but it's probably not too far off. LOL.
Hehehe this was really cute, I loved it.
Thanks so much. I'm glad you enjoyed it.
Funny! And, I could totally see that happening.
Thanks! When I saw the pictures of the upcoming comics and Buffy and co. flying in from the sky with high tech looking weapons, this just popped into my head.
LOL i must admit that i have done the when i did that stories and have gone and said i am so old lol
I think everyone ends up doing that eventually, no matter how hard you may try not to. Thanks!
Loved it babes. It totally made me laugh out loud. I could so see that happening, the little speech and everything. If they use this in the upcoming comics, they best give you some credit. LOL
That's right they just better. LOL. Glad I could make you chuckle. :)
Grandma Buffy! ROTF. That is perfect! Normally I don't like Buffy at all, but this little ficlet reminded me of why I USED to like her. Hehehe. Made me giggle. Thanks for sharing!
Thanks so much! I'm glad I could make you laugh with a character you don't normally like.
LMAO!! Poor Grandma Buffy! Hee! Wish S1!Buffy see that.
LOL, yeah, I don't think season 1 Buffy thought she'd live long enough to start a sentence off with "In my day..." Glad you enjoyed it.
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