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Cordy Grrr

xlivvielockex in still_grrr

Prompt 014 Ficlet

Title: Wicked Games
Author: Kelly
Rating: G
Word Count: 499
Prompt: 014 Games You Play
Characters/Pairing (if any): Cordelia, Willow
A/N: Not up for zee voting. Rewatching early Buffy, saw a lot of friendshippy moments between Willow and Cordelia. Just a bit of backstory for that.

Once a week, during the summer between second and third grade, Mrs. Rosenberg would drop her daughter off to play at the Chase house. Willow looked forward to these trips from the time she left the one before until she went to the next. Anything was better than another summer of Jewish summer camp. The night before her big visit, she would stuff her well worn backpack with every single Barbie and Ken she owned.

They were nothing compared to the hundreds of dolls and accessories that Cordelia had. Her shoebox convertible wasn’t as flashy as Cordelia’s Barbie Corvette and her small Day to Night apartment play set was hardly the castle that Cordelia’s Barbie Dream House was. It didn’t seem to matter because for a few hours a week, she and Cordelia could play as equals. Cordy used her shoebox car and she got to make Doctor Ken kiss her Workout Barbie. Cordy never made fun of her for wanting to use the top of an Icee cup as a chair and would even suggest that they have pool parties downstairs in the huge Chase kitchen sink. Sometimes, Cordy even forgot that Willow had put the ruffled Peaches ‘n Cream dress on her doll or the day to night outfit and these were added to the collection in her backpack.

They played games of young girl fantasy. Cordelia would have Malibu Ken and Jewel Secrets Ken fighting over Dream Glow Barbie while Willow would secretly wonder what it would be like if Theresa and Skipper kissed. The Chases never bothered the girls because they were never around. It was Willow and Cordelia, alone in the bedroom that was almost as big as Willow’s whole house. Cordelia always made sure that their Barbies were sisters, sharing the dream house, the dream cars, and the dream life.

That was, until Harmony Kendall moved to town.

Then the weekly visits stopped. She never got a reason why other than the Chases were busy, Cordelia was busy. The Barbies, the Kens, all their fabulous homemade accessories stayed in Willow’s backpack. She took them out sometimes. They zoomed around her room in their shoebox car that she had decided could fly. But it wasn’t the same. Barbie had lost a sister.

When school started up after that long summer, Cordelia, Harmony, and the rest of Cordelia’s new fashionable friends teased Willow for playing with dolls. They teased her for how she dressed. They made fun of her clothes and her hair. Harmony and all Cordy’s new friends would laugh, taunting and pointing. She was learning they were the haves and she was the have nots, even if all she understood about it was the hurt she felt. If Xander and Jesse hadn’t stood up for her, she might have spent the entire school year alone.

There were no more dream houses. No more dream cars. And no more dream life. There was only Willow, a forgotten backpack, and the “We Hate Cordelia Club”.


Good god that's depressing! But in a way it makes sense that Cordelia and Willow used to be friends, and it makes sense as to how the WHCC started.
I think it came out the fact that they live in a small town, they had to interact with each other at some point, and also, during BTVS, there were some moments where it seemed like in another life, they might have been friends. So I am glad someone else thinks it makes sense. LOL
This is so sweet, so sad, and so nicely written. And sadly, I can relate to the Willow in your story a little more than I'd care to, so now I'm off to do some repression exercises :)
Oh no! I am sorry that it brought up bad memories for you. I have been both on the Willow end and the Cordelia end before so I know how that feels. Again, sorry it brought up painful memories for you. :(
Spooky, I was just having a conversation with a friend from work where we compared "dropped by my friend because she thought I wasn't cool enough" stories from our childhood. It seems like almost every woman worth knowing has one.
I think it is definitely one of those things that you have to experience growing up. It is a distinctly female honor, sadly. I can't think of a single person who hasn't been on either end of it to be honest. Sometimes, like me, you've been on both ends.
You feel so sorry for Willow, and then there would be the only if. What would happen if they had remained friends.

Wonderfully written a great look at a backstory
Sadly, I don't think they could have remained friends. At some point, Cordelia would have fallen in with the rich kids. It is a sad fact of childhood. But I am glad you liked it.

Cripes - how many of us have LIVED this story???

*more sniffing*

But, you know - this is really fantastic - you took it all and just handed it back to the reader with both pathos and humour! It clips right along at a perfect pace and really sets its own tone. It's totally plausible - if Cordy can become "the heart" later on in her life...the surely she must have been that earlier. I love how SHE is the one to insure the Barbies are sisters.

This line was laugh-out-loud funny -

Cordelia would have Malibu Ken and Jewel Secrets Ken fighting over Dream Glow Barbie while Willow would secretly wonder what it would be like if Theresa and Skipper kissed.

Nice job!
I think every girl has experienced this. It is a sort of right of passage to be honest. I am really glad that you enjoyed it though. I just kept rewatching BTVS going "you know, why is Cordelia talking to Willow like they are friends?" or "Why is Willow so upset when she kisses Xander?" and even why did Cordelia call Willow when Harmony showed up in LA. There had to be something there. I did try to balance the humor with the angst though.
Hmm, I think I've seen this story before, LOL. I guess that's what happens since I've become your betachan.
I absolve you from commenting on any story you have beta'ed for me. LOL I think any stories I beta for you, I am just going to start leaving funny little quotes or jokes or something
I bet you thought I forgot about my threat to leave you half a dozen comments on your next post.
Crap, I did. I don't even remember the context of that either. LOL You better get working.
I didn't.
Thanks for spamming my inbox with notfications. What goes around, comes around. Just remember that, Mister!
I'm evil like that.
It is the tapioca pudding. I am telling you!
It's all the black jelly beans.
Hahaha! That too. Speaking of, I need to go make my icon for CA LIMS. They should let me resubmit that one since it has two images. LOL
Always glad to provide spam.

Anway, this should be number six, so I will actually give a real comment now, LOL.

Love your story. It's so sweet. I love the idea of Willow and Cordy being friends, and it makes total sense that something like this would have led to the creation of the We Hate Cordelia Club. I love all the details of the Barbie's names and Willow and Cordelia playing together. Fantastic work from you, as usual.
And I guess this means I have to leave you a real comment back then? How I appreciate the feedback and all of that? You are one evil canon girlfriend, that is for sure. And see if I get you any lip gloss for Christmas now.

Oh, I just can't stay mad at you. LOL Thanks for the feedback, babes. Like I said, you don't have to comment on the ones you beta. I know what you think already. LOL
I see all the responses to this fic and think, "Wow, this must be some good shit," and it's just you two goofing off.

But, it got me in her to read it and I'm glad I did. While I feel sorry for Willow because who wouldn't, I feel just as sorry for Cordy. It sounds like she really liked Willow and it was her parents who wanted her to have more prestigious friends. I can just picture Cordy wanting to include Willow with the new group but not being allowed to by her mom.

Poor Cordy having to put up with Harmony and the other snobby kids. I think she became their leader just to shut them up and because she really hated them for not being Willow.
Neat story idea! I'm from a very small town, and it makes sense that Willow and Cordelia would have know each other well, and possibly even been friendly.

Sadly the dropping and old friend and taking up with the cool, new crowd rings just as true!
Nice story. It's always nice to see little Cordy and little Willow playing stories.

And it would offer an explanation why Xander would steal her Barbie (If indeed he did, we never got his side), to make her forget about evil Cordelia.

And interesting concept of Willow and Cordelia being friends, it was indeed weird that they got along so well on Angel while she never even spoke with Xander or Buffy once).
I know Joss wanted Cordelia to be more like Buffy, but indeed I sometimes wondered if she might have been more like Willow - at least the absentee-parents fanon version of Cordelia.
This is just excellent!

In a painful sort of way...
Cordy Grrr

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